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Customise AI models to build your own AI apps in minutes.

Whether you code or not, with Scrapbook you can easily run cutting-edge AI models immediately and personalise it to your desires.


Tailor AI features to suit you.

Use features from existing AI models or easily train and deploy one personalised to you.


Generate images

Generate images from text using a pre-trained model or fine-tuned models. Adjust them in the no-code playground or via API.

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Fine-tune a model

Fine-tune a model by training it with your own data in order to generate images of a consistent style from text.

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No-code integrations

Integrate Scrapbook with pipelines or Zapier to connect ML models with other apps without any code.

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Developer friendly deployment.

Run machine learning models with a few lines of code to build AI apps. Generate images, fine tune models and more with the best-in-class APIs.

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